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WELCOME property developers, house builders and property investors. You will find that we are a broker with a difference.

Lenders are back in the market!

Not the traditional banks of course, they are still licking their wounds and cherry picking only the very best gilt edged deals from clients they already know. However, lots of other lenders are active and keen to lend, and their interest rates are falling too due to the increasing competition to write deals. In a noisy lending market like this you can get a better deal, done more quickly, by using a well-connected Broker such as ourselves at Monyy Property Finance.

It's easy for developers to make direct connection with lenders these days, but that's only half the battle. Each one of those lenders is different. They each have different lending programs, terms, rates, criteria etc. so drilling down to compare one against another takes time, energy and commitment to jump all the hurdles. That's where a good Broker like Monyy Property Finance is useful. We will jump those hurdles for you and make sure you get the right loan on the right terms. Sure there is a cost to you, typically 1% of the loan amount, but this is only paid on successful closing of the loan you need. That's fair and it is good value.

We specialise in raising property development finance for experienced professionals like you ranging between £1m - £30m so why not give us a try.

Experience our difference

We are property finance brokers who are genuinely different.  We know what is needed to make an unworkable deal work.

The world of property finance and development finance has changed beyond all recognition of late, so our expertise at Monyy Property Finance is exactly what you need in these dynamic market conditions to unravel a route to the development finance you need.

It can get a little challenging

Almost every property finance deal that comes our way is complicated, or 'off beat' and requires careful understanding by us in order to find a lender. We are proud to be innovative in thought and action and promise to work hard on your behalf to get the development finance you need.

There are lenders out there who will work with us to structure your finance needs, even when they are not quite gold plated; so talk to us. We will quickly tell you if you're proposal is workable or not.

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